Contact Center Geek is a blog all about the exciting world of contact centers and customer experience, written by Matt Beckwith. Matt describes his life's work as orchestrating people, process, and technology to deliver improved business outcomes through better customer experiences. Matt is more than just a little fanatical about contact centers and has called a contact center nearly every day of his career! On this blog, Matt shares what he has learned through the years in hopes of continuing the conversation with, and learning from, other contact center leaders.

Matt Beckwith is a wildly proud Contact Center Geek who started his career in retail and full-service restaurants before putting on the headset for the first time as a 411 operator at "the phone company". 

Since that first contact center job, Matt has spent more than 20 years leading customer service and sales call centers in different industries. His passion for customer service and customer experience, technology, leadership, and professional development has led him to his current role leading customer service operations for one of the largest pest control companies in the US. Matt also serves as a steering committee member and frequent speaker for the Northern California Contact Center Association. Matt has also delivered presentations on customer service, voice of the customer, customer experience, contact center technology, culture, and other topics at PestTech, Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact West, and ICMI Demo.


Matt and his wife, Dawn, have two wonderful daughters, two incredibly cute grandchildren, and two adorable dogs. They enjoy living in Stockton, California.

You can follow Matt on Twitter @mattbikewith or on LinkedIn. Matt's personal blog is

Customer Contact Central

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